Opdel Story

It was born in 1976 whit Italian site production, in the middle of Trentino mountains (Valsugana), and with design in the heart of German Swiss (Grenchen). Specializing in the production of molds, and mechanical applications, permanent magnet, soon it began to produce more technological equipment with the coaching of Italian design. Until the mid-eighties, the production of magnetic drills and shaving machines for printed circuit boards to create the bulk-induced, but the ideas soon lead to the development of machinery to seek ways more challenging. After a few prototypes applied to various fields, in the late eighties a request comes in, given the proximity to the major national jewelry manufacturers, to develop a furnace that follows for precious metals to form a profile with mechanical and qualitative constant. Here is the birth of the continuous casting furnaces Opdel known worldwide for their quality and ease of operation. From here a short step for the construction of other machines applied to the jewelry field, from static furnace and tilting casting machine or heat treatment to arrive today with machines for surface finishing, used a lot in the industrial field.