LASER Welder OD 180 Joule

LASER Welder OD 180 Joule


LASER Welder OD 180 is a jewelry welding machine extensively employed in the jewelry industry for welding purposes. It demonstrates proficiency in welding various metals, including precious ones like gold, silver, and platinum.


The LASER Welder OD 180 integrates a cutting-edge digital microprocessor that operates at a speed 100 times faster than conventional systems. This advanced technology allows for precise measurement of high energy, with analysis and sampling occurring every 100 microseconds. The result is the The LASER Welder OD180 welder, a potent machine that combines power with consistency and remarkable precision in the repetition of shots.


The LASER Welder OD 180 boasts real-time and automatic power supply regulations, enhancing operational efficiency. With a double-light LCD touch screen shutter and automatic control of the laser lamp, it can perform subsequent automatic adjustments of energy. The integrated webcam adds an extra layer of functionality. Its superior cooling chamber, coupled with an efficient air cooling system, contributes to optimal performance. The inclusion of 6 preset pulse shaping programs and a direct Argon gas nozzle on the welding point enhances efficiency. An air nozzle facilitates the cooling of pieces in the working chamber, and an extractable drawer simplifies chamber cleaning. The machine operates with low noise, demands minimal maintenance, and features an efficient memory capable of storing up to 100 parameters.

 Laser Application: 

The LASER Welder OD 180 excels in welding both precious and non-precious metals, including platinum, titanium, gold, silver, and palladium. It is adept at perfectly repairing old jewelry, addressing molding issues without removing stones. The machine expertly welds elements using weld materials, leaving them clear, sharp, and free from the need for additional cleaning. It can even rectify casting defects such as porosity or breakages by simply welding those areas with solder wire. Its capabilities make it highly suitable for high-productivity cycles.


 Welding Functions: 

The welding functions of the The LASER Welder OD 180 extend to the repair of scratches and casting defects. It excels in the reconstruction of stone settings and welding of broken rings and jewelry joints. Additionally, it can expertly handle the welding of pins.

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Laser welding for repair of medium and large size molds, ideal for workshops. Simple and functional, allows to perform directly on-site repairs of a wide range, without transferring the entire mold.