Graphite Crucibles

Opdel for years has been in business under the brand Te.ker Graphite.

Opdel is an expert producer of graphite crucible and induction furnace adapts good fire proof material and applies high tech into producing. Its main products are standard graphite crucible, induction furnace and their serial spare parts. The process advantage of energy saving, fuel saving, quick heat conduction and high temperature proof. In contrast to other clay graphite crucibles circulating on the market, our graphite crucible furnaces exceed other by higheroxygen stability, thermal shock stability. Besides, our graphite crucible furnaces. Own characteristics of high density, low rate of macro porosity, corrosion proof, high temperature etc. The quality of our products withstands long time testing and the lifetime of our graphite crucible and furnaces are triple to five time those of usual products circulating on the market.

We are involved in manufacturing, supplying and exporting an extensive range of Graphite Crucibles. These crucibles are widely used for melting and casting of precious metals and are demanded in jewelery manufacturing industry. Manufactured using grain and ultra fine grain graphite blocks, our offered crucibles are available in different sizes to suit the demands of clients. Also, these Graphite Crucibles are Ideal for jewelry and casting machines.