F1000 Furnaces

OPC F1000 & F2000

Our furnaces are equipped with 2 heating chambers which work with separated heating zones with separate setting of temperatures. Furnaces are made by a tubular frame and panels with louvres for air exchange. Tubular system makes general maintenance interventions easier. Resistence and special refractory insulating panels, with high thermal features, make up heating muffles. Special stainless steel heating chamber can withstand strong temperature changes. Internal sliding blocks avoid wear and tear of chamber because of belt running. Cooling chamber is cooled by water. A flange keeps together the chambers and a nozzle on it let gas go inside. Two burners, placed in front of both extremities of tunnel, avoid entrance of oxygen and improves de-oxidation.




F1000/2000 lost wax casting machines is used to melt small amounts of metal, like 1 or 2 kg. The user interface consists of a soft keyboard with numeric displays. The procedure used and the various stages are operated manually by the operator using the controls on the main panel.

Vacuum Chamber


The Vacumetal is an unit for creating objects with the casting lost wax method using a furnace ST to melt the metal.
It’s made with a trolley on which are mounted to the vacuum chamber and the pump connected by a tube of large cross-section to create, inside the vacuum necessary for the achievement of the cylinders. the machine only uses cylinders with flange adapted by reducing discs.
Two models are available VAC160 and VAC250 which indicate the maximum diameter of the used cylinder.