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Rolling Mill

Rolling mill is used for finishing gold and silver plates. Roll cage Oversized will bear more the maximum load. Rollers are cooled by a water circulation system.

Rolls spacing a special transmission joint transmits full power to the rolls even when opened to 45mm.

Roll parallelism can be assured by two methods:

  • Micrometer setting
  • Quick release gear. By means of a strong

remarkable shifting controlled by the gear with quick release.

Automatic Manual
Automatic Rolling Mill Manual Rolling Mill
Automatic Rolling Mill Manual Rolling Mill
  • Mini Rolling Mill
  • Rolling Mills Hand Operated
  • Rolling Mills Single Head
  • Mini Rolling Mill Double Head
  • Rolling Mills Combined Double Head With Gear Box & Electric
  • Rolling Mill Single / Double Head Compact
  • Rolling Mill Double Head (With Safety Grill & Cover)
  • Strip Rolling Mill


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