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Polishing Bench

Polishing Bench

Single or double place bench with suction system for dust recovery. Main technical features :

  • Strong metallic structure
  • Work surface in wood, lined with laminated placstic
  • Protection hood with recessed lamp and plexiglass panel
  • Large sucked air volume
  • Filters of suitable sizes (bag filters) fixed with a quick-release system
  • Emergency system for stop motor

Model N° place Sizes Voltage Power
PUL 10 1 90X66X120cm 230V/50Hz 0.70kW
PUL 20 2 135X66X120cm 230V/50Hz 0.96kW

Max Speed Speed regulation N filters Air flow
2800rpm 800 2800 rpm 5 600 m3/h
2800rpm 800 2800 rpm 10 2x600 m3/h



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