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LASER Marker 10W

Circular Vibrator Machinery
Output power 10W
Wave lenght 1064 nm
Position resolution 1,7 pm
Power supply 1F, 230 V AC, 3A, 50/60 Hz
Beam quality < 2,0
Absorbed power 130 W
Dimensions (Ixpxh) 55x38x55 cm
Fiber lenght 2m
Weight 30 kg
Focal 100: marking area / spot ø 60x60 mm / 20pm
Focal 150: marking area / spot ø 110x110 mm / 30pm
Speed of galvo head up to 7000 mm/sec
Peak power 6 kW
Type of source fiber laser
Max frequency up to 60 kHz
Cooling system air
Pulse duration up to 100 nsec
Laser class Class 4



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